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The latest edition of the Wrawby Church and Community News print magazine is always here.

We also have other recent issues, and sometimes other items such as Show documents will be available. Documents published by the Parish Council can be found in the Council section.

There's a nostalgic download for you in the form of the very first Wrawby Church & Community News issue from October 1992 - see below!

These files will normally be in Adobe Reader (PDF) format, though occasionally another common format such as Microsoft Word may be used.

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Print Magazine September 2017 Edition
The First Wrawby News from 24 Years Ago!

The first edition of our print magazine for both church and village community was produced by Rev. John Cole in October 1992, an incredible 24 years ago next month. We have scanned and restored it.

You can download and read it in Adobe Reader form by clicking the link below. See how many familiar names you can spot!

Download Wrawby News for October 1992