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Parish Council Official Website

Wrawby Parish Council has a new Clerk, and a new website.

The Clerk is Kerry McGrath, who already carries out the same duties for Winterton and Brigg Town Councils.

The website (see above) is now online at wrawby-pc.org.uk and will carry the full range of information required under the Local Government Transparency Code for Smaller Authorities. So Agendas and Minutes for meetings, and more, which were formerly posted on this website, can now be found on the new official site.

Contact details for the Parish Council including e-mails and the website link, can always be found on our Contacts and Links page.

Please note that despite the similarity of the web address, our site and the PC site are not connected.

Wrawby Village Hall Seeks Caretaker/Cleaner

The Village Hall is looking for a Caretaker/Cleaner to start as soon as possible.

  • Hours negotiable & variable depending on bookings.
  • Pay above minimum wage.
  • All equipment/materials provided.
  • To start as soon as possible.

If interested please contact Susan Day on 01652 653699

Phone Mast Proposal On Grass Verge Opposite Wrawby Park

A "pre-planning consultation letter" from WHP Telecoms has been received by Wrawby Parish Council and North Lincs councillors concerning a proposal to erect a "20.0m Phase 8 monopole c/w wraparound cabinet at base and associated ancillary works" beside Melton Road. The mast would be for 5G phone signals.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: The plans submitted clearly show the mast and three cabinets to be on the GRASS VERGE BETWEEN THE ROAD AND THE FOOTPATH, with a barrier to the road. This seems at variance with the information in Mr Jiang's letter and plans, which at several points gives the location as Manor Farm. I believe Manor Farm confirm that they have no involvement and I have amended the previous paragraph accordingly. My apologies to Manor Farm for drawing a false conclusion from the address on the plans.

Click here to see large images on a new web page.

Unlike other local communications masts, this one would be at a prominent village location adjacent to several homes and other places where people gather.

The site is directly across the road from Wrawby Park ("The Hills") and thus close to Wrawby St Mary's School and its Playing Fields, two bus shelters, and residences on Melton Road and Kettleby Lane. The height of the proposed mast is, as shown on this diagram supplied by the Applicant, twice the height of nearby lampposts.

The letter, from Mr Timothy Jiang, states that "CK Hutchison Networks (UK) Ltd ... will be responsible for construction of the site, and the Operator will be H3G better known as Three."

Here is a copy of the letter from Mr Jiang.

Here are the accompanying charts/maps/drawings showing the proposed location and height of the mast.

As you will see, the letter states "If you have any feedback on these proposals, we look forward to receiving your comments and if you are aware of any other local organisations that are not statutory consultees that you consider should be informed, please let us know and we will endeavour to consult with them." Perhaps it might be best in the first instance to contact Wrawby Parish Council (via the Parish Clerk at this address or all Councillors - Click here to send one e-mail to all councillors.) and subsequently our local North Lincs Councillors. SEE UPDATE BELOW RE COUNCIL MEETING AND PLANNING SUBMISSION.

Further information

The letter refers to the "voluntary Ten Commitments Traffic Light Rating System" and states that the site has been rated as Amber under that scheme - in other words, roughly in the middle of the range indicating whether a proposal is acceptable or otherwise.

We have had to research those references as no information about them is supplied with the letter. Here is what the web editor found, and upon which he is willing to be corrected:

  • the Ten Commitments are indeed, as the letter accurately says, voluntary. In other words they have been drawn up by an industry body in association with some other organisations and are not law or a government document. Here is a link to the original publication - see Appendix A.
  • I am not aware if this has been updated since 2013.
  • the Traffic Light points system is to be found as Appendix C of the same document linked above and is similarly a voluntary assessment by the operator, which by its very nature may be rather subjective. Mr Jiang does not share at this point the detailed scores by which his company arrived at the Amber rating. If and when these are shared, they may provide an interesting basis for further discussion.
UPDATE: It is understood that Wrawby Parish Council will consider any submissions from residents at their meeting on 10th November. North Lincolnshire Council has now also published the application here, where you can submit a comment. The NLC deadline for comments is 18th November. IF YOU HAVE VIEWS ABOUT THIS, GET WRITING!


The above comments represent my personal researches and views and not those of St Mary's Church or the Parish Council. I encourage all interested Wrawby residents to do their own research on the above points rather than relying on the accuracy of my descriptions. Many people will have far greater expertise in this area than myself. If you feel I have been inaccurate in my wording, please do get in touch via the magazine editors e-mail address.

Jim Flewker

Best Kept Village 2021

We are pleased to announce that Wrawby has been awarded Highly Commended in this years Best Kept Village Competition, scoring 192 out of a possible 200. Comments included that Wrawby is an attractive village with very good community planting.

Well done to everyone in the village for putting on such a good show for the judges.

M.B.E. Awarded to the Chairman of the Wrawby Windmill Society

The Chairman of the Wrawby Windmill Society, Mr Jon Sass, was awarded an M.B.E in the Queens New Years Honours List.

The award is in recognition of Jon’s work recording and protecting the windmills and watermills of the UK. Many of you know Jon as one of the original team who restored Wrawby Mill in the early 1960’s and who has been involved here ever since. As well as restoring Wrawby Windmill, Jon has been instrumental in protecting and restoring many UK windmills and watermills. He has also recorded the historical and technical details of many mills that have since been demolished and written numerous books and articles. He is regarded as being one of the experts in the restoration and operation of Windmills in the UK and further afield.

Any of you who know or have met Jon will also know that he is a true gentleman. He has an infectious passion for mills, history and Lincolnshire in general, and is generous with his time and knowledge.

The MBE is not only very well deserved for Jon’s dedication to protecting part of our Heritage but also for the way he has inspired many others to do the same. We received hundreds of messages from across the world congratulating Jon and thanking him for inspiring them in their younger days to follow in his footsteps.

It is nice to think that what started as a young mechanic in Brigg who had an interest in windmills developed into a journey that took Jon around the world. A wonderful journey that started with his first restoration in Wrawby, in a community that he is still a part of to this day.

Great Gifts From Wrawby Mill

These and much more are available from The Wool Shop in Brigg and from Susan Day 01652 653699.