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Consultation Meeting at Barnetby re Lorry Park

The Parish Clerk has had a message from Maria Monks about a proposal for a lorry park at Gallows Wood and a public consultation taking place in the Church Hall at Barnetby on 22nd July (NB time of meeting not given but possibly 1 pm - please check).

Here is the message:

I’m emailing you as a concerned driver and cyclists residing in Barnetby. There’s a consultation taking place at St Barnabas Church hall on Thursday 22nd July for a proposal to build a lorry park up at Gallows wood. Some Wrawby residents may be interested in attending and I certainly have concerns about the amount of lorry traffic there could potentially be on the Brigg Road. It’s bad enough when the M180 is shut and I have on more than one occasion been overtaken by a lorry not adhering to the speed limit through Wrawby.

Wrawby School Ambassadors

We are Wrawby schools’ ambassadors, our aim is to improve the school by fundraising, raising awareness to the public about how they can support us to improve our school.

We are looking for companies

We are looking for companies to help by donating their services to build a pond in our wildlife area to increase wildlife to help us gain knowledge and understanding of pond creatures. We are also looking for companies to help us improve our library storage and to decorate the library to make it a more exciting environment for the children. Along side this we are also looking for companies to provide us with exciting, more environmentally friendly play equipment for our school field.

We would really appreciate your support with our projects. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Please email our Executive Headteacher, Mrs S Fawn: e-mail address

by Brooke

Two Fraud Warnings

The Office of the Humberside Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC) has developed a campaign, which will run from 20th May to 13th July, to raise awareness of fraud, how to spot the signs and avoid becoming a victim. The scale of this crime is huge with £13.8 million was stolen from 7471 victims between 2019-2020 in the Humber area alone. This however is the tip of the iceberg and it is believed to be massively underreported.

To find out more about protecting yourselves and your loved ones from becoming victims of fraud head to www.saynotofraud.uk.

And from Christine Johnson, Health Walk Officer, NLC:

A new scam is going around ... please do not post photos of your covid vaccination cards online .. as scammers love this as they can use the cards (as they have your vaccination batch number on them) and then sell them on to other people.

Please pass this onto others to help prevent this scam.


Have you any unwanted knitting yarn?

Wrawby Make & Sale group have embarked on a new project to ‘yarn bomb’ the Windmill to celebrate re-opening next year.

To do this we are knitting, crocheting, creating yarn designs to decorate the mill and so need any oddments of yarn to use. All donations welcome, contact Liz 651371, Louise 653526 or Sian at The Wool Shop, Brigg.

Yarn bombing is a type of graffiti or street art that employs colourful displays of knitted or crocheted yarn or fibre rather than paint or chalk. It is also called wool bombing, yarn storming, guerrilla knitting, kniffiti, urban knitting, or graffiti knitting.

M.B.E. Awarded to the Chairman of the Wrawby Windmill Society

The Chairman of the Wrawby Windmill Society, Mr Jon Sass, was awarded an M.B.E in the Queens New Years Honours List.

The award is in recognition of Jon’s work recording and protecting the windmills and watermills of the UK. Many of you know Jon as one of the original team who restored Wrawby Mill in the early 1960’s and who has been involved here ever since. As well as restoring Wrawby Windmill, Jon has been instrumental in protecting and restoring many UK windmills and watermills. He has also recorded the historical and technical details of many mills that have since been demolished and written numerous books and articles. He is regarded as being one of the experts in the restoration and operation of Windmills in the UK and further afield.

Any of you who know or have met Jon will also know that he is a true gentleman. He has an infectious passion for mills, history and Lincolnshire in general, and is generous with his time and knowledge.

The MBE is not only very well deserved for Jon’s dedication to protecting part of our Heritage but also for the way he has inspired many others to do the same. We received hundreds of messages from across the world congratulating Jon and thanking him for inspiring them in their younger days to follow in his footsteps.

It is nice to think that what started as a young mechanic in Brigg who had an interest in windmills developed into a journey that took Jon around the world. A wonderful journey that started with his first restoration in Wrawby, in a community that he is still a part of to this day.

Great Gifts From Wrawby Mill

These and much more are available from The Wool Shop in Brigg and from Susan Day 01652 653699.