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Funds From Fabric Fair!

Following an amazing response to the Doughty's Roadshow fabric sale recently held in the Village Hall, the 'Make & Sale' group have some surplus funds to share.

If you are an organisation based in Wrawby and feel you could benefit from a little extra cash, then please contact the group via the Wrawby Editors email address.

Please include details of your group and the reason for your request.

Wrawby Little Free Library

The Wrawby Little Free Library is now up and running, located just inside the school gate. Thanks go to neighbouring Little Libraries in Great Limber, Appleby and Bigby for donating the opening stock. It is now up to the Wrawby community to use and care for it.

It is open 24/7 and works as a book exchange, so ’take a book, leave a book, donate a book’....and most importantly, enjoy!

Thanks also go to Wrawby Parish Council, Buttonswood Joinery, Cube3 Construction, individual donors and Rosie Hoyle, Chair of Wrawby St Mary’s School Governors, who organised setting it up.


The last issue of ‘Wrawby News’ contained a brief report and photograph of the new kneelers dedicated at St Mary’s Church on 26th November in memory of my late Wife, Mary Tustin, who died about four years ago. About 40 people were present, and afterwards informal refreshments were served. I should like to express publicly on behalf of the Tustin family our deep appreciation of the careful and skilful work carried out by members of the Make and Sale Group.

The designs were beautifully drawn by Bev Bunting (of Swanwick), niece of our former Churchwarden Derek. The shorter kneeling pad for use at the side altar is inscribed ‘In Memoriam’ with Mary’s name and dates, and decorated with various floral images including her favourite purple freesias. The longer kneeling pad for use at the main altar extends along the full length of the Communion rail, and is divided into three sections. This depicts a series of biblical scenes and other traditional Christian symbols. Please take a moment to look at them closely, if you have not already done so.

The embroidery in tapestry stitch was lovingly carried out over a period of some eighteen months by seven parishioners: Kath Flewker, Marjorie Grisdale, Liz Hirst, Sheila Neave, Jackie Rowson, Louise Tandon and Jen Wright. Their work would have been much to Mary’s liking, as she made considerable efforts to raise the standard of decoraiton in our parish church. It is a very touching tribute to the warm regard in which Mary was held in this village, and I would like all who were involved to know of my family’s sincere gratitude.

David Tustin


Wrawby Sleigh Group would like to thank everyone who helped to make Santa’s visit to Wrawby a special occasion. A fantastic £412.34 was raised through donations and will help towards individual and community projects in Wrawby. Previous projects to benefit are: Wrawby Mill, Wrawby Wrigglers and Wrawby PTCA.

Special thanks...

As always go to Santa - he always makes time in his busy schedule to visit Wrawby... Anthony Quirke for the loan of his trailer... Steve Brown for the loan of the towing vehicle... Kath and John Fearnley for donating the sweets... the Christmas Barn, Kettleby for donating wrapped boxes and wrapping paper for the sleigh props... John Davis for the loan of a generator and for driving Santa safely around the village with the support of Paul Locking... Dave for driving the back-up vehicle... Brian who spent a lot of time cleaning and preparing the sleigh... and to Dave and Paul who supported.

Thanks also to local people who store the sleigh, and to Colin Day who allows us to use a barn to prepare for Santa’s visit.

Finally a big thank you to everyone who fed and watered us along the route!

Fundraising for Santa’s visit starts early in September. We fundraise for insurance, lights, tinsel and repairs to the sleigh. We do not use any money from donations given on Sleigh Day for the upkeep of the sleigh. From this year (2018) the Christmas tree at the church will be bought and erected by Wrawby Sleigh Group. It was felt by the group that as long as we can fund it, we will, as it would be a shame not to have a Christmas tree in the village. The money for this will come out of the donations.

To contact Wrawby Sleigh group or to apply for funding, e-mail us.