Wrawby Parish Council Meetings

This is the official page informing you about forthcoming and recent Council meetings under the Smaller Authorities Transparency Code of 2015.

The Agenda for the next meeting of the Council is published here at least three full days before the date of the meeting as an Adobe Reader (pdf) document for download - see the next section.

Draft Minutes of recent meetings are also posted here within one month of the meeting, along with the Key Information summary which the Parish Clerk writes for Wrawby News - see the third section. There is also a section for Planning Applications, which residents and the Council have a limited time to respond to.

The other Council Information page contains more information, such as the Expenditure summary, which is updated on an annual basis.

There's also an Archive Page where recent Agendas and Minutes can be accessed.

A list of Councillors is given below in a separate section and there is also an e-mail address for contacting them.

Council Meetings take place bi-monthly. As well as here, you'll find the times of the meetings on the notice-board outside the Church. They are also listed in Wrawby Church and Community News and on our Google Calendar on this web site. A Public Meeting and Annual General Meeting take place every year, announced in the same ways.

The next Meeting of the Council will take place on Tuesday 8th January 2019 at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall.

The Agenda for the next meeting is published here at least three clear days before the meeting. For older Agendas visit the Archive Page.

Click here to download the Agenda for the Council meeting on 8th January 2019.

Members of the public can attend all meetings of Wrawby Parish Council.

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Minutes of all Council Meetings are published here, also a summary of key points provided by the Parish Clerk.

Click here to download the Minutes of the Meeting of 6th November 2018.

Here are the key points from the Council Meeting held on 6th November 2018:

  1. The Parish Council has received a number of recent advices on the subject of inconsiderate car parking, particularly on pavements and some roads being blocked. When parking, please take account that pedestrians need to be able to pass and that access could be needed for emergency vehicles.
  2. Council was advised that of the village’s 177 lighting columns, 158 have been converted to LED lighting, the few remaining will be converted before March 2019.
  3. Advance notice has been received that sections of Wrawby Road in Brigg are programmed to be resurfaced over the winter, December 2018 – March 2019.
  4. N Lincs Council is introducing a “Safe and Sound” Grant system to assist over 70’s with up to £250 towards improving their security - locks, cctv etc. Full details (applications etc.) will be to hand shortly.
  5. New fire doors and the replacement of the shutter between between the Hall and Kitchen at the Village Hall have now been completed and as previously advised, funding is being sought so that a new ceiling and lights can be installed.

Graham Foster, Parish Clerk

As Wrawby Parish Council receives each application, it will be placed here on the village website so villagers can lobby the Parish Council if needed. It will be necessary for residents to regularly check the website for these applications as Parish Council has 21 days only to respond. Please contact the Parish Clerk with any comments. Comments may also be made on North Lincolnshire Council site (see link below).

Important Note re Planning Applications by Councillors

The Chairman has asked the Parish Clerk to obtain guidance from the body which represents and advises local councils concerning a specific situation where Councillors themselves have made planning applications.

Click here to read the correspondence with ERNLLCA including the advice received.

Update re Planning Application PA/2018/22 (Park Lea)

The Applicant's appeal to the Planning Inspectorate against NLC’s refusal decision with regard to the ORIGINAL planning application for this development has been allowed by the Inspectorate and so the Applicant may opt to pursue this rather than the revised application which had been granted.

Click here to access the full report and decision of the Planning Inspectorate as a pdf file.

Planning Application PA/2018/2356 has been received for comment by 17th January 2019

Planning permission to erect a detached bungalow and detached garage and relocation of existing garden shed on land adjacent to Tout Pres, Little Lane, Wrawby, DN20 8RW.

Follow this link to view relevant documents on North Lincolnshire Council site.

Planning Application PA/2018/2338 has been received for comment by 18th December 2018

Planning permisson to erect a vehicle port and replacement gates at The Orchards, Barton Road, Wrawby.

Follow this link to view relevant documents on North Lincolnshire Council site.

Planning Application PA/2018/2195 has been received for comment by 7th December 2018

Application to vary condition 2 of PA/2018/1293 namely increase the size of the rear extension at first-floor.

Follow this link to view relevant documents on North Lincolnshire Council site.

Previous Application - For Information Only

Planning Application PA/2018/1718 was received for comment by 18th October 2018

Planning permission to erect 8 dwellings including garages and access, land adjacent to Ridgeway House, Mill Lane, Wrawby, DN20 8SR.

Follow this link to view relevant documents on North Lincolnshire Council site.

Graham Foster, Parish Clerk

  • Ian Smith (Chairman)
  • Pat Bosanquet
  • Jonathan Dibdin
  • Robert Green
  • Mark Hebblewhite
  • Kirsten May
  • Michael Reddish
  • Trevor Richardson
  • Kay Rothery (Vice-Chairman)
  • Louise Tandon
  • Clerk: Graham Foster tel. 01652 651250

This e-mail address will send an e-mail to all the Councillors and the Parish Clerk: Click here to send one e-mail to all councillors.