Wrawby Parish Council Meetings

This is the official page informing you about forthcoming and recent Council meetings under the Smaller Authorities Transparency Code of 2015.

The Agenda for the next meeting of the Council is published here at least three full days before the date of the meeting as an Adobe Reader (pdf) document for download - see the next section.

Draft Minutes of recent meetings are also posted here within one month of the meeting, along with the Key Information summary which the Parish Clerk writes for Wrawby News - see the third section. The other Council Information page contains more information, such as the Expenditure summary, which is updated on an annual basis.

There's also an Archive Page where recent Agendas and Minutes can be accessed.

A list of Councillors is given below in a separate section and there is also an e-mail address for contacting them.

Council Meetings take place bi-monthly. As well as here, you'll find the times of the meetings on the notice-board outside the Church. They are also listed in Wrawby Church and Community News and on our Google Calendar on this web site. A Public Meeting and Annual General Meeting take place every year, announced in the same ways.

The next meeting of the Council will take place on Tuesday 4th July at 8 pm in the Village Hall.

The Agenda for the next meeting is published here at least three clear days before the meeting. For older Agendas visit the Archive Page.

Members of the public can attend all meetings of Wrawby Parish Council.

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Click here to download the Minutes of the Extraordinary Meeting of 24th May 2017.

Click here to download the Minutes of the Meeting of 2nd May 2017.

Here are key information points from the Council Meeting held on 2nd May 2017.

Graffiti has appeared on the back of the Village Hall. This is being removed at council tax payer’s expense. If anyone knows who is responsible for this, please advise any councillor.

Following the sad death of Patrick Keilthy who was Vice-chairman of the Parish Council, Mrs Kay Rothery is now the Vice-chairman of Wrawby Parish Council.

To fill the vacancy created by Patrick’s death, Mrs P L Bosanquet of Ermine Lodge, Little Lane, Wrawby is being co-opted onto Wrawby Parish Council.

Council had been concerned that advertising banners on the Barnetby Top roundabout could distract drivers and having referred this to North Lincs Council, was pleased to note that all had been removed. However new ones (Caistor Lakes etc.) had appeared and as no Lincs Ward Councillor was present at the meeting, Council resolved to keep the matter under review.

Graham Foster, Parish Clerk

  • Ian Smith (Chairman)
  • Pat Bosanquet
  • Jonathan Dibdin
  • Robert Green
  • Mark Hebblewhite
  • Kirsten May
  • Michael Reddish
  • Trevor Richardson
  • Kay Rothery (Vice-Chairman)
  • Louise Tandon
  • Clerk: Graham Foster tel. 01652 651250

This e-mail address will send an e-mail to all the Councillors and the Parish Clerk: Click here to send one e-mail to all councillors.